Enforcing Gods Word in the place of prayers

When you challenge it, it will change


Standing Firm in Faith

In the spirit of the five sisters of Numbers 27, who steadfastly stood against an unjust decree, the Daughters of Zelophehad are resolute in their commitment to uphold the word of God and catalyze positive transformations in the lives of people. Much like those valiant sisters, we emerge as a resounding voice, advocating for change through the unyielding power of prayer.

Our mission is clear: we stand as intercessors, tirelessly petitioning before the Almighty day and night. Our fervent cries echo through the heavens, beseeching divine intervention for our children, spouses, homes, marriages, destinies, and purposes. Just as the sisters of old, we understand the weight of perseverance in the sacred space of prayer, persisting until the moment when transformation manifests.

Daughters of Zelophehad do not falter in the face of challenges; instead, we rise as a force of unwavering faith, trusting in the power of God to bring about the change we seek. Our commitment is anchored in the belief that persistent prayer can shape destinies and redirect the course of lives.

As the voices that resonate in the realm of intercession, we bear the responsibility of being conduits for divine change. Through our steadfast prayers, we aim to usher in a tide of positive transformation, touching the lives of those we pray for and influencing the world around us.

In the tradition of the five sisters who challenged the status quo, the Daughters of Zelophehad are catalysts for change, armed with the potent weapon of prayer. Our unwavering resolve is to see the word of God manifest in the lives of individuals and communities, bringing forth a reality where His purposes are fulfilled, and His blessings abound..

What is your story? Have you found yourself grappling with delays, be it in childbirth, marriage, documentation, job opportunities, housing, or business ventures? Perhaps you're contending with a familial history of terminal illness or facing foundational issues. Maybe rejection, depression, or various losses have cast a shadow over your life. It could even be that you're dealing with baseless animosity from others, a lack of support, or challenges within your family.

Let me share a powerful story with you about five courageous sisters who confronted a recurring negative pattern in their family. They had witnessed the detrimental impact of this pattern on others before them. When their father passed away, it seemed inevitable that they, too, would succumb to the same fate and suffer as those who had preceded them.

However, these five fearless sisters made a bold decision – a collective declaration of "not in my watch." They refused to bow to the negative pattern that had haunted their family's history. Instead of accepting the so-called "normal," they chose to challenge it, and they were anointed for that purpose. Determined to alter the course of their destiny, they took a stand against the prevailing negative order.

Persistently and resolutely, they demanded change and refused to accept anything less than what rightfully belonged to them. Their journey was marked by challenges, but the good news is this – they emerged victorious. In their defiance of the status quo, they not only secured victory for themselves but also paved the way for a new normal that would positively impact generations to come.

These sisters bequeathed to us a profound truth: "When you challenge it, it will change." In the face of adversity, their story serves as a testament to the transformative power that lies within the decision to confront, resist, and ultimately reshape the course of one's life.

you deserve it signage
you deserve it signage

Empowerment for Women

We believe every woman has the potential to impact the world in a unique way. Join us as we discover our purpose, unleash our potential and empower each other to make a difference.


We are inspired by the 5 sisters in Numbers 27 vs 1-8, who according to the bible their father died and had no sons, according to the Law women where not allowed to share from their fathers inheritance, but after the death of their father, we read how this women challenged the order, how they became persistent, and demanded a change a reversal of the order which was not in their favor. And the bible says Moses took the matter up to God, and God did not only command Moses to give them their fathers property, God saluted them when He said in vs 7 " what the daughters of Zelophehad are saying is right" , we also see in vs 8 of Numbers 27, God Himself had to reverse the order going forward commanding that daughters MUST have a share of their fathers inheritance. This shows us that every negative order can be reserved in the place of prayers, you can change the status quo, you do not have to accept the lies of defeat, sickness, failure, pain, guilt, depression, etc, There is a truth that has being handed to you by God, and just like the 5 sisters, you must become persistent, never give up until the change that you desire comes to pass. WHEN YOU CHALLENGE IT, IT WILL CHANGE

Our Mission

Global Women Ministry, Daughters of Zelophehad is a ministry that empowers women spiritually, financially, martially etc around the globe. Our mission is to transform lives by enforcing the word of God and bringing about positive change in people's lives. We are the voice crying before God day and night in intercession for children, our spouses, homes, marriages, businesses, churches, nations, and more. We are fearless and anointed to change the status quo. We persist until the change we desire comes.

Enforcing the Word of God, reversing negative orders, aligning destines and purpose